Coolant - Expansion tank empty

Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids.

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Re: Coolant - Expansion tank empty

Post by CovKid »

As for the other tank, I gave up trying to clean that and replaced it with a new one from GSF. Was under £20 I think.
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Re: Coolant - Expansion tank empty

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Here is one after the gravel treatment:

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Re: Coolant - Expansion tank empty

Post by keytouch »

And now I know why my coolant has gone black and thick. There must have been some residual coolant in the pipes before filling up.
Looks like I've got a fun couple of weeks before bustypes.
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-I had thought it might be oil contamination changed oil cooler, but it's all black with no cream forming.

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Re: Coolant - Expansion tank empty

Post by Nathanb »

Thanks for all of the replies. I topped up the expansion tank behind the number plate with water and so far it''s not dropped in level so no leaks.
I''ll follow all of your advice and do a complete coolant change, once i''ve worked out how to do that :D
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Re: Coolant - Expansion tank empty

Post by steveramsdale »

My van (1989 1.6 diesel) does not have an expansion/top up tank. Is this a problem?

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Re: Coolant - Expansion tank empty

Post by jas915 »

Grey/white high top, AAZ.

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