knocking from driveshaft when turning

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knocking from driveshaft when turning

Post by Mona »

Hi All,

I have a slight knocking from driveshaft when turning, we had a look and the one that is knocking is looser than the other one (we assume they are both supposed to move in and out?). The looser one seems to spring back one way but not the other. There are no loose nuts we can find. We thought there might be a there a spring or something that has worn or broken. I'm not a mechanic and my mechanic is just starting to learn about T25s, so he can teach me.

What steps should we take to sort this out please?



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Re: knocking from driveshaft when turning

Post by jrt »

Have you checked all the cv bolts are secure/ tight, inner and outer?
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Re: knocking from driveshaft when turning

Post by Jim San »

If it's this, first thoughts are a CV joint on its way out.

A bit of lateral movement (slack) is ok - but rotational slack is a sign of wear.   Boots need to be in good order and full of proper grease.

Simple fix, bit messy
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Re: knocking from driveshaft when turning

Post by JeffRoo »

Had this myself, definitely cv joint. As above relatively easy fix but messy. Plenty of you tube vids will show you how

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