It's over...

Chat about the 25 Years Anniversary meet (May 2010) at Mammut Park Germany here!

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It's over...

Post by syncroandy »

I've just got back home from Syncro25. I think all those planning to get the 18.00 ferry today got it except for Matt and Doug. Aidan and Stan are taking the ferry to Hull. A few vans are stopping at the Dover sleepy spot tonight and I wish I could too. I'm back in the comfort of my pad, but I wish I was still at Mammutpark. It was an epic experience. I really can't do it justice here but I'm sure the stories, photo's and video's will come along. Sorry for those who wanted to come but couldn't make it.
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Re: It's over...

Post by toomanytoys »

feck feck feck feck.................... :run

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Re: It's over...

Post by syncroandy »

Just spoke to Clive. He and Jenny are round the campfire at Mammutpark, with the crew, only a few people left at the site. The sky is clear, and its cool, but the fire is warm.
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Re: It's over...

Post by PC52 »

Yep we're back - just flipping A14 shut! Long detour, long day.
We have had the most fantastic time ever - great driving, great company, great beer & bratwurst, oh and what wasn't advertised - 250 mile all day mystery tour - those that were'nt there missed something that really was unbelievable and great coffee and cake.

Andy, Julia phoned as we exited Dover and Doug boarded an earlier ferry, so he's save and sound, just mislaid his phone. No news on Matt yet though.
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Re: It's over...

Post by Crankin-wagen »

Made it home (by Air) last night, Buttercup stashed in the Fatherland for further incursions..
Great trip & good to catch up with all the usual suspects!

Pete, the Mystery Tour was not publicly advertised because there wasn't enough cake to go around! :wink:

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Re: It's over...

Post by jester1467 »

Stayed in Dunkerque over night got the early ferry this morning arrived back in Bournemouth this afternoon.
Thank you everyone that gave us a push (dodgy starter motor, first job now were back)
Great time at Mammut Park, trials were really interesting, Well done Sharon :ok The offroad trails were something else, Thanks Al and Dave.
Need to buy another Syncro now just to offroad in :!:
Some great days out and nights around the fire
Good to meet everybody and put faces to names
Whens the next one :?:

Ady & Sharon
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Re: It's over...

Post by syncropaddy »

jester1467 wrote: Whens the next one :?:

Ady & Sharon

July in Wales .......

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Re: It's over...

Post by rogerg-wagon »

We arrived home earlier today,after having a really great time with some smashing people, would we do it all again tomorrow? absolutely no question!
Julia and I would like to thank everyone for the help and friendship offered by everyone we met. :ok

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Re: It's over...

Post by syncrodoug »

Arrived home just before midnight last night after visiting Neil in Sutton to off load some metal goodies for Andy and to collect a MIG welder.
After the leaving my fellow itinerant workers to play with with the traffic I headed for Oostende and had a gently drive along the coast road dodging the trams and wind-borne sand.
Eventually ended up at the terminal and managed to get the earlier ferry - no extra charge but was subjected to a vehicle search by a member of the UK Border SS but after showing him the engine under the 'false' platform everything was OK.
Well not quite as I had indeed lost my phone and not merely misplaced it in the assorted rubbish in my van. So sincere apologises to those who may have worried over my 'no show'
As to the event, it reminded me a little of Vanfest but with all the vans being Syncros - still quite can't get my head around that. I recall that when I first started going to VF I spent many hours wondering aimlessly around trying to find other examples of such mystical beast besides my own.
Seriously, it was superb even down to the great views of Red Kite and the resident voles!
Will post some pictures of our illustrious lady member when I get a chance.
PS I thought Pete did a get job too!
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Re: It's over...

Post by max.karisma »

Sad to say I had to fly there and back but as a syncro-less lass the bit in between was ucking brilliant :D
Weather great, company fantastic, germany facilities and organisation spot on (plus fresh bread rolls every morn :wink: ), Mammut Park totally awesome!!!
Big thanks to Jenny & Clive (great to meet you at last) and to all other club members that helped with the weekend!
Loved the trials and it was great to Sharon up there at the top :ok
Thank you again to the Irish for taking on the mad woman . . . hospitality always appreciated, hope washing up was up to spec !!!
And a big thanks to David for picking me up at Hanover and dropping me off but most of all for letting me loose in his Syncro at Mammut :D :shock: :lol: :o :ok . . . oooo do I want one now :D
See you all in July :D
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Re: It's over...

Post by jebiga41 »

Just got on the dunkerque Dover ferry Stayed on the site with Clive, jenny,briet. Henning , dina, heinni and and a few more of the crew. Stayed in Brugge last nite after doing a textbook convoy with briet Clive and jenny from mammut. Then van is packed with wine, Belgium and german beer, various syncro parts and my head is full of great memories, ideas for mods etc. Had an amazing time so good to be in a field of syncros and to catch up with the usual suspects and to put more faces to names. Well done sharon and pete for showing us how it's done and for piloting us on the magical mystery tour(laughed all day ) and an especialy big thanks to Those who helped me change the front drive shaft, whoever left their sainsburys shampoo and also their shower gel for us who stayed on and all those who supplied us with their left over food beer and tobacco see ye all at syncropendence and glad everyone got home safe and sound ;-) paul
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Re: It's over...

Post by syncropatrick »

I'm still cream-crackered after the 700kms drive on Tuesday, but I had a fab time and look forward to the next one. It was soo much fun! I've got 400Mb of photos and video to sort through sometime.
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Re: It's over...

Post by JennyTyger »

Had a fabulous time. Got back about 50 mins ago - van virtually unpacked, Belgian beer stowed away.

Pleased you're on the ferry Paul - we missed your company. Norfolk Line didn't classify us as freight this time, but UK border control were taking a good look in every vehicle. Weren't pulled over by Customs this time, but they did ask us where we had been.

More later ....
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Re: It's over...

Post by Syncro G »

Can barely belive its over. All that looking forward and it passes with a flash - loads of happy memorys though, don't think my syncro could have had a better maden euro trip (finally!).

Much thanks have to go to Henning, Jenny and all the other organisers who did an apsolutely top rate job.

Well done Sharron in what for me became the tensest motorsport event of the year, really happy for you and your mecanic/codriver Pete.

As always a great atmosphere/people and perticularly good to meet all those living over seas where its so easy to asume on seeing the forum name/locations I'd probubly never meet - glad I did! Colectively we all made the event the sucsess it was.
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Re: It's over...

Post by jed the spread »

Just got in myself after a tour of Germany, Amsterdam etc etc...... good wasnt it.


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