noisy hydraulic tappet

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noisy hydraulic tappet

Post by 3D_FLYER »

does anybody know if i can replace my noisy hydraulic tappets without removing the head? it's a 2L Aircooled



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Post by Hacksawbob »

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Post by TYG »

its would be just as easy and cheaper to remove you a/c heads , if you take the heads off then you shouldnt have to replace the push rod tubes ,if you dont then you will have to get new telescopic tubes which are hard to come by and cos ££.
replace the p/r/tube seals while your there :wink:

btw a/c dont snap the head studs like early w/c :D
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Post by cumbriankeith »

Remove undertin between case and heat ex.
Remove rocker cover/rocker assembly/spring that retains pushrod tubes (make notes- mental or otherwise - during removal to ease correct reassembly).
Remove pushrods - keeping them in order for correct replacement.
Remove relevant pushrod tube - may need a bit of a twist with a mole wrench gently clamped on - slides out thro the head.
Clean up the hole whence the tube came from to assist extracting the "tappet" (more correctly cam-follower - AKA lifter in USA).
Use a strong magnet on a stick or a hooked bit of stiff wire to pull the follower out.
Fill with oil/bleed air from new follower and insert.
Check/renew tube seals and replace - use a smear of grease to aid insertion (some say a touch of sealant).
Reassemble all of the rest.

Are you sure it needs replacing? See this page
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Post by toomanytoys »

Before you do a load of work.. has it only been run for a short period of time? ie just to move it etc..
what oil are you using? a good quality 15w40 (VW's Quantum) or 15w50 (Castrol GTX) should be used or a 20W50 for older tired engines.. a good run (driving round for 15-20 mins) should sort it, unless it is faulty..

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Post by 3D_FLYER »

yes it's definately had-it as it get noisy'er as it gets hotter.
from cold start it taps a bit then smooth's out but then after ten minutes of running it gets louder...
Just found out that you can remove push tubes without removing head...
they just pull trough the rocker as the block side is smaller so all is well...

thanks for the info guy's...