Oil type for 1.7 Diesel in Greece

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Oil type for 1.7 Diesel in Greece

Post by wahvan »

I know there are numerous threads discussing oil type but I cannot find one that covers my specific request. I have a 1988 1.7D T25 and am driving it in Greece (i.e. HOT). Can anyone advise on which engine oil I should be using?
1988 1.7D (KY) T25
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Post by Ivorblueun »

I assume you mean what viscosity, 20w/40 or20w/50 should do also bear in mind that the oil needs to be for a diesel engine this might be worth a look

mine was a blue 89 Td Hitop

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Re: Oil type for 1.7 Diesel in Greece

Post by Grun »

My van is 2.1 petrol so I do not normally try to help on diesel related questions, but my official VW instruction manual that came new with the van does have oil recommendations for diesel and turbo diesel engined T25s. If I knew how to scan the page to this forum I would. (May try later)
Trust me, this is what it says.

Diesel Engines (Except Turbo Diesel)

Good quality oils, specification API-CC or API-CD or

Oils for Turbo Diesel engines specification VW 505 00 or

Improved lubricity oils specification VW500 00

Temperature wise Straight SAE 40 is OK 70F to just over 100F (20 to 40C)

SAE 20W-40 and SAE 20W-50 are good from 10C to 30C (50 to 86F)

and improved viscosity oils OK from -20C to +30C (-4 to+86F)

Hope this helps.
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