Buzzer Of Doom

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Post subject: buzzer of doom

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Both wires are shown as colour code (brown) until the first (two way) connector in the engine bay where the high pressure switch wire that operates the buzzer becomes yellow and the lower pressure one blue/black. This from the Haynes wiring diagram. You may have to trace further along to find colours. (To the next junction box) I can't see any reason why swapping them around would do any harm, but worth checking colours.
If you have a multimeter, the low pressure switch should be closed circuit,
and the high pressure swich open circuit. (With the engine at rest.)

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Hi buddy, you can get the switch from G.S.F. in Cheltenham. But there are two if I was you do both! They will also sell you the correct oil and a decent filter. Let me know when you are doing it and I can lend you the deep socket that will make the job easier. Also when you pick them up make a note where they go. Give us a call if you want you should have my number or P.M. me.
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Thanks trickydicky, Iv got the parts from JK both switch's and filters as Im short on spare time to come shopping in Chelt and stroud is not good for spares.
Ill have a look at my tool selection but will get in touch if I need a socket.
How,s the engine going?
I went down the second hand route brought two one iv seen running and the one(iv fitted) not. But I believe the engine is ok just a fault with switch/ filter/or somthing. Engine sounds smooth and quiet, including tappits.

Anyway Saturday should know by midday.
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