Requests for reminder of 8090 Member No. + new applications

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Requests for reminder of 8090 Member No. + new applications

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A few things..

Please give as much information as possible when requesting a reminder of your correct Member No. from Mocki ...

I think I am Member No. 4567, but then it might be 2345, could you confirm please,

does not make this job very easy, fast or pleasant for the man.

Full name, town, postcode even tel. no. helps, as would any suggestion that you might have changed your email or postal address since Mem Num was first issued.

Having an email address that doesn't block return posts is also handy, as well as when first applying typing your email address accurately, possibly one reason why so many say they never received the original notification.

Having said that, we are thoroughly cleaning the Members' database data, re-writing it and automating as much as we can, to try to reduce the workload at this end.

We now have a new Members' Registration web-form and a bespoke field in your Forum Profile for your 80-90 member No. If you register as a full club member to access members Only and Trips & Events then please follow the instructions on the return Confirmation email - one of which is to put your new Member Number in the correct field of your forum profile.

And again, anyone wanting to join club80-90 fully, filling in the web-form to get a Member No. so to be able to access the private forums, please try to spend a few minutes reading the instructions and typing in the details fully and accurately where required. Particularly, eMail address must be typed accurately.

Many thanks

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