auto gearbox

Big lumps of metals and spanners.

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auto gearbox

Post by tangalooma flyer »

Has anyone replaced the sump plate on a autobox? i cant stop the leak in mine, it's had a few whacks in the past and because its only pressed steel it isn't rigid enough and only held by 4 bolts. I'm going to make my own sump out of steel plate at work, has anyone else had this problem? :)

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Post by mabelthebus »

Hi, sorry to cross post, but we are about to view/buy an 1988(f reg??) t25 1.9 auto, any advice, how bad are they on petrol? are they a good version to buy? any info would be appreciated.

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Ivor Brownun
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My 2.1 Auto is sh*t on petrol, but you can always LPG it. The petrol vans in general are all quite thirsty, the Auto just makes it worse and as with all auto's you lose some power. Having said that don't let it put you off a van that has good bodywork and a good engine.
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Post by Plasticman »

Not had the prob specifically on the auto box, but in general a small leak developes and gets nipped up (too much)which makes it leak more.

This distorts the pan and the bolt hole becomes cone shaped, you can take it off and attend to it and refit with new gaskets and suitable gunge, torque it down and dont be tempted to overtighten.

Nice piece of dural would be good

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Post by mabelthebus »

Thanks for the replies, If its a good 'un I will make an offer, the bodywork looks good from photo's, I'll have to see if it has had a recent blow-over or if it really is as good as the pictures.What does "nipped up" mean?? Is it when people have kept tightening the bolts hoping to cure a leak??
We don't mind the low MPG, we really only 'intend' to use it for holidays and if the regular cars are off the road, mind you, I gather they are fun to drive 8)
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Nothing about milage or servicing mentioned!!!!!
Sorry to have interupted Tangalooma flier (like your handle :lol: )

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Post by SplendiferousII »

Is it possible to drill a number of additional holes around the rim of the sump pan and match drill the casing to suit? An alloy replacement would be best if you can get that made at work and take a skim off the face to get it nice and flat after welding.

Mablethebus - I had an auto 20ltr Aircooled a few years ago and it was great, drank fuel mind you. But was reliable enough and you would never have known it only had three gears.