Anti Roll bar Links(cranked)

Big lumps of metals and spanners.

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Anti Roll bar Links(cranked)

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Ok people, what's the bottom line on these buggers?Have just changed(or tried to) the bushes on the arb and the link bar bushes.I mange to snap both cranked link bars.I know these seem to be scarce.Are they available anywhere?Is there an alternative?What do they drive like with no ARB and -60mm springs?Does anyone have any spares?

Failing this, how many people would be interested if I could get them made up?

Apologies for so many questions, but thanks for looking!!

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related question....

I think the anti-roll bars come in different sizes....22mm and wot?? I need some new bushes, as one side looking a bit worn.

Do I have to measure diameter - or is there an easy way of telling - I have straight, not cranked, drop links on my 1980 air cooled.

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See CJ @ syncro spares he had a box of em lastime i looked !
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