Non-Starter - About to call the garage!! UPDATE!!

Big lumps of metals and spanners.

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Re: Non-Starter - About to call the garage!! UPDATE!!

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timing could be a factor... when you replaced the dizzy did you mark up the original location and make sure it went back the same? I have seen Aircooled and wbx's need the timing tweaking after new coil.
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Re: Non-Starter - About to call the garage!! UPDATE!!

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drop a cap off the petrol can s worth of fuel down the top of the carb.
if you have run it that low on fuel and its dragged clag into the filter the pump wont have primed, its a long way from the tank to the pump, and the diafram in the pump will also be dry, so wont be sucking well...

old fuel will also not fire well, so any in the carb and fuel lines will be stale most likely.

timing dont change on its own, only you know if you have turned the dissy in the drive.
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