Cosworth 2.9litre in my Crewwy

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Re: Cosworth 2.9litre in my Crewwy

Post by itchyfeet »

Stick the cosworth engine back in, drive it to france on UK plates with the JX in the back.
You can keep UK plates and drive it back once a year to MOT, a friend of mine does this.
If you want to register in France find another JX or repair this broken one at leisure then fit it.
Sell the camper to a local trader to scrap.
off load the unit.
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Re: Cosworth 2.9litre in my Crewwy

Post by dickspanner »

So the crewcab is still locked in the uk so I have turned my hands to other things until I can get it home.

I am building a full swimming pool in my garden from start to finish on my own.

I have put a link at end but please subscribe I need over 1000 subscribers and its no for vanity but how youtube classes sites.

I wish I had put the crewcab build on YouTube but I have a lot of pictures so may do a montage from start to finish.

Anyhow, until I get my crewcab home I am on with my pool on a shoe string budget.

Like I said please subscribe to help me launch my new site.

I am going to put a car section on as well so other stuff apart from pool.

Cheers Dickspanner ... buZRyZ7Yww
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