Vw golf 2.0agg with kr 16v head

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Vw golf 2.0agg with kr 16v head

Post by Paulf1969 »

Been on this forum for some time, with the intention of picking up information etc for my projects and cars🤷🏻‍♂️ But life got in the way?
Now 2021 is going to be a year of doing👍
I’ve got a mk2 golf gti with a 2.0 AGG mk3 engine fitted. It’s ran fine but I’ve come across a lot of articles and threads about fitting the KR 16v head?
I know what people are going to say, put in a 20v or ABF? But I’m interested in changing the head as a retro type mod?
Any advice or info would be appreciated, especially if you’ve built one and have a concise shopping list for me👍👍 or simply have all the parts I’ll need for sale👍👍

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Re: Vw golf 2.0agg with kr 16v head

Post by mrhutch »

isn't the 16v a twin cam crossflow head?
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Re: Vw golf 2.0agg with kr 16v head

Post by silverbullet »

You need to point google towards the ClubGti forums. Its a goldmine of information, all been done before.
I love a period (retro) mod :ok
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