Importing a Turbo WBX to the EU

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Importing a Turbo WBX to the EU

Post by 90Multivan »

Hello All,

I'm rebuilding my 2.1 MV engine and debating weather to add a turbo kit....or use DJ pistons. To add to the criteria, I'm planning long term to bring the van from the US to the EU and wondering if the turbo'ed WBX is even legal in the EU.

RP (from Los Angeles)

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Re: Importing a Turbo WBX to the EU

Post by clift_d »

If it's being brought over on a temporary 'tourist' basis, generally six months or less, then it shouldn't be an issue, but if you're planning on staying longer and need to register it in the EU, then it will depend where you do that. In France, for example, my understanding is that they will only give a permit to a vehicle that has the originally installed engine type., whereas in other countries you might need to put the vehicle through an additional inspection process, and in some it won't be a problem.
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Re: Importing a Turbo WBX to the EU

Post by davidoft1 »

Which part of the EU? Everyone has different rules

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Re: Importing a Turbo WBX to the EU

Post by Oldiebut goodie »

We are not in the EU in the UK! ( There are a few EU members on here who may be able to answer though :D )
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Re: Importing a Turbo WBX to the EU

Post by silverbullet »

The UK is probably one of the easiest countries to register a modified old/classic vehicle.
Provided it is structurally sound, all safety related systems are ok (lights, brakes, seatbelts etc) and passes the idle emissions for the year of original manufacture, you're good to go.
Declare all modifications to your classic insurers (with an engineers report if necessary) and you're home & dry.
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