1Y starting problems

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1Y starting problems

Post by poofit »

Hi all! 

Long time lurker here! Recently had the van booked in for a service but they couldn't do it due to it had a fuel leak from the injection pump. I've pulled it off to replace the front seal of the pump which wasn't that difficult. Whilst the pump was off decided to replace cambelt as history is unknown and looked worse for wear. However, after putting it all back together and redoing the timing belt. It refuses to start. 

My engine is a 1Y out of a golf mk3. I've searched the forum and tried a few things but with no luck.

I've been through everything and it all checks out. I can see the fuel isn't reaching the injectors so that will be my issue. I've bled the pump and its full with fuel but no fuel is getting through to the injectors. 

Things I've tried/checked
  • Refilled and bled the pump and now has no air.
  • I've checked the start/stop solenoid clicking.
  • Checked the timing and all checks out (Injection pump locking pin slides in to slot on the pulley, TDC mark on the flywheel, cam locking tool easily fits in the back, and the lobes on cam on piston 1 are up in the air).
  • Tried cracking the injector unions loose to see if fuel comes out whilst cranking but no luck.
  • If I pull out the timing bolt out the back of the pump and crank the engine, fuel comes out the back. 
  • New battery and checked connections to starter motor.

The fuel pump was in full working order before taking it off. Just had a nasty fuel leak at the front seal. I'm out of ideas on what it could be. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  :shock: :oops:

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Re: 1Y starting problems

Post by clone123 »

Have you change the diesel filter I had similar problem I thought the diesel lines was full of diesel but in fact it was full of air and no diesel so it look like there's no air bubbles in try a gravity feed first if that works its probably the fuel filler valve

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Re: 1Y starting problems

Post by ajsimmo »

Try a squeeze bulb type priming pump between filter and pump. That'll pressurise the pump and expel any remaining air out of the top banjo/return line to tank. When the wife's front seal had gone this was my workaround. Now fixed, it starts on the button.

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