1Y Head Gasket Advice

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Re: 1Y Head Gasket Advice

Post by colinthefox »

It would be worth checking the oil cooler/warmer before you pull the head off.
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Re: 1Y Head Gasket Advice

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I've already mentioned that ( privately), I was hoping that the running could be sorted first - one injector appears to be down. If that was cured we could then go on to the oil/water starting with the cooler as ,if it ran OK, chances were that would be at fault rather than head gasket.
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Re: 1Y Head Gasket Advice

Post by The Hairy Camper »

Engine was loosing a lot of oil Oldie. Barely registering on the dipstick now. Didn't think it was wise to run it again today in case I ruined the engine!

What else can i check with the oil cooler? Pretty sure it's on the right way and i've torqued the nut to spec. Is there a way to test if the cooler is faulty?
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