Back from an overnight camp

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Back from an overnight camp

Post by Ralf85 »

Just got back.
As I work part time these days, I looked at the weather for yesterday, saw it was going to be a scorcher, but that today and the weekend would be iffy so I pottered off to White Mark Farm, Oxfordshire for the first time this year. I was sitting outside my van yesterday afternoon with a hat on to stop my balding head burning and read a book and drank a beer. It was great and really quiet compared to weekends. No dogs waking us up early in the morning either, although the cockerel was pretty noisy this morning, but not for long. The usual friendly welcome from Debbie and Ken the owners. In the evening I walked down to the Carriers Arms for a bite to eat and another beer. I watched the Basle v Chelsea hoping that Basle would win. Damn. Chelsea won making the landlord happy and me cheesed off.

Incidentally they have 'aunt sally' competitions in the garden at the Carriers Arms in the Summer. I think this happens on a Saturday evening. They have some skilled players there.

I hope to meet up with a few of you at this site in the next couple of months, if you can make it. If you do stay there at any time buy their home produced free range eggs which are good and Debbie's home made cakes are superb.