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Tyre pressures

VW T25 tyre pressures are indicated by a black metal plate riveted on the near side (passenger RHD) door near the hinge - you need the door open to see it. This is for the van as it left the factory i.e. a panel van but should cover you for standard tyres (185 R14C) with a full load on a camper.

e.g. Bowton Lad: My Auto-Sleeper camper is registered 1/84 (manufactured 10/83) & the VW T25 Instruction Manual dated 7/83 gives the tyre pessures for 185R14C commercial tyres as:-

FRONT: 2.5 bars (35 psi) REAR: 3.3 bars (47 psi) SPARE: 3.3 bars (47 psi).

Haynes Manual states

38 and 55 for 185R14C 33 and 42 for 185SR14 Reinforced 39 and 48 for 185SR14C 6PR

The VW manual states

My Original Manual states the following

For Tyres 185 R 14C

Fronts = 2.6 bar = 37 psi

Rears = 3.8 bar = 54 psi

Spare = 3.3 bar = 46 psi

The sticker on the van A pillar states 43 psi front and 53 psi rear. This is as good as anything as a starting point.

For a 'must read' for safety, wear, performance and general technical issues of tyres, wheels and steering geometry browse the articles in link below...

TireRack.com: Plenty of technical information on tyre usage, pressures, performance and safety information here, including many excellent articles and test results

Recommended Tyres

www.roadhaus.com Probably the best tyre reccomendations on the 'net for the T25 (US)

www.vanagon.com some more tyre reccomendations (US)

www.busdepot.com/details even more tyre reccomendations (US)

www.hrps.demon.nl more info on T3 Tyres and wheels

www.haywood-sullivan.com tyre section diagrams with alternative tyres and merc rims

www.vanagon.com deciphering tyre codes

Tyre bible

TireRack.com: Plenty of technical information on tyre usage, performance and safety information here, including many excellent articles and test results

Tips for buying tyres

Try to avoid buying tyres at the last minute. You'll pay dearly for it if you do. If you look throughout the preceding year, you should secure a good set of tyres at a bargain price. I've never paid more than £120 for four, most recent set being four 8-ply Michelin tyres. Allowing that much time to find a set could halve your tyre bill. Just store them ready to swap over.


Tyre size calculators

Tyre size calculator If you fit a larger diameter rim, in order to keep the speedometer reading correct and the gearing of the vehicle would would need to fit lower profile tyres (that is looking at the van side on the ammount of tyre between the wheel rim and the ground would be less i.e. thinner, called lower Aspect Ratio). This is so that the circumference or the 'rolling radius' of the wheel stays the same.

NB. TRC = Tyre Rolling Circumference (the figure that matters when calculating revs per mile for a given tyre)

Another TRC calculator (Syncro website)

The wheel and tyre bible A great site explaining the various sizes and markings on wheels and tyres.

Visual tyre size indicator (Kouki)

Forum Discussion

Qu. With the standard 185R14C tyres I take it that 185 is the width, R14 is the wheel diameter, C is for commerical strength, what is the profile of the tyre since most specifications read 185/xxR14 ?

Ans: Profile would be 82