Wheels and tyres - Speedometer Cable

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Speedo Cable description

The speedo cable is mechanically driven by the nearside wheel. The cable has a square end which sits in the square hole on the grease cap and is held in place with a circlip or C-clip . If this clip falls off the cable can thrash about and round out the hole in the cap resulting in a new cap and cable. Signs of failure are a ticking noise from the dash and or wildly varying or intermittent speedometer reading.

The Grease cap can be very tight on Hulleys removal technique

Claw hammer behind the lip on the cap levering against a wheel stud is my prefered method. If you're near a garage make sure the wheel bearing's ok and get them to tack the cable to the cap.

Suggested repairs in lieu of proper parts

1. Tack weld the cable to the cap