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Westy fridge and Gas controls


Before using the fridge for the first time, the inside of the fridge should be cleaned with lukewarm water and a mild cleaning fluid

Explanation of the controls

A – button to operate the fuse / ignition control

B – dial for the combined electric / gas thermostat.

The combined electric / gas thermostat can be used with the LPG or the mains electricity. The thermostat is not set up for use with 12v battery power. If the dial for the thermostat is turned fully to the left – past the point where you can feel some resistance – the mains use is switched off. This same dial position needs to be in the minimum setting for use with LPG (LPG use will only be switched off by switching the LPG connection to the fridge)

C to E – Buttons to switch the voltage on / off

C – Button for mains use

D – Button for 12V use

E – Button for LPG use

F – red signal light

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When in Use (220v) Check if the voltage of the house or campsite mains connection is within the required voltage. This can be found inside the fridge at the top left. (The power surge protector must be switched on)

1. Press in Button (C) 2. Turn the combined electric / gas thermostat dial (B) to the max setting. 3. When not in use, switch off button (C) when using button (D) or (E).

When in Use (12V) When using 12V, your fridge is protected by the general electrical circuitry of your vehicle. To prevent your vehicle’s battery from draining, a measure has been built into the 12V circuitry to ensure that the fridge can only be used when the vehicle’s engine is running.

The thermostat cannot be controlled when the fridge is running on 12V.