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Waterboxer fuse locations http://homepage.ntlworld.com/robertj.green/T25/Knowledge%20base/electrical-Fusebox-locations.jpg

VWlewis added : Fusebox Connector Description

The pin arrangement for the connector C in a late model fuesebox is shown below

C connector.jpg


  • All connectors number the pins from top left to bottom right as shown above.
  • Pin 10 is missing but the numbering is not disrupted by this.
  • This logic applies to all the connectors on the fusebox.

    Photo of the rear of a late T25 Fusebox - see connector C Fusebox rear view.jpg Note on Foglight Fitting

    The foglight +ve feed from the 1st position on the foglight switch comes out of Pin 22 on Connector C (see above - via fuse 6 and needs a relay fitting to position 7). Relay 7 is driven by the sidelights so the foglight power is only connected once the sidelights are on. Use this feed from connector C to drive the relay for the foglights.