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VW may have fitted a loom in part for front fog lamps - Caravelle's might have this but Transporter vans didn't. The wiring can be checked by inspecting the wiring to the rear fog light switch on the dashboard. If the first switch detent has no connection, then it is possible there is no wiring in the loom. The front fog lights on a Caravelle also use a relay in position 7 on the relay board (in the glovebox). If these wires are connected (even with no replay present)this means there is a wiring loom connection. You will need to trace these wires to the front of the vehicle.

The best thing to do to wire fog lamps would be to make your own loom to avoid any potenial wiring problems, which is easily done. It is a legal requirement that an indicator light is shown on the fog light switch so make sure it is wired into the loom.

Ideally you should run a wire to relay pin 30 from the battery, fused as close to the battery as possible. Then, take a positive feed from the sidelights or from the headlamp switch or bulb holders and run this to pin 86 on the relay. You can fuse the wire from the sidelight circuit if you like as a precaution. From there, take a wire feed off of pin 85, run it to a switch, and finally to earth.

Then, run wiring from pin 87 to your foglamps positive, and earth the negative side of the bulb! Sounds a lot but once you get used to it its easy.

Front Fog Light Wiring Diagram

Here is a summary of the legal position in the UK re fog and driving lights:

Rules and laws on lights: fog lights can ONLY be on when there is diminished visibility, they must be fitted under the bumper and the colour of the light is to be YELLOW (although white is generally accepted) the fog lights are to be operated by an illuminated switch with a "fog" symbol and they can only be on when the DIPPED HEADLAMPS are on, and go off with main beam.

Driving lights "should" be mounted above the bumper, they can be operated with an illuminated switch with either dipped or main beam, they can also be wired to the main beam (there should be a main beam warning light on the dash)

Driving on side or parking lights is illegal, so is driving with side lights and driving or fog lights! fog lights should be a max of 55 watts so should driving lights,but a lot of people fit 100 watts.

Please remember that dazzling on coming traffic is also illegal.