VW Electrics Round Headlights To Square

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This article penned by Cruz: Converting round candle lights to modern and cool looking square lights is pretty straight forward. I did mine the other week in about an hour.

Firstly I bought the correct lower mounting brackets (seen in the next picture below) from VW 255-853-647 x 2 (Now available again from http://www.brickwerks.co.uk/)


Firstly to fit the square light units you need to gently bend back the two outer mountings on the Van with a hide mallet or something. Not quite 90 degrees back should do it (that way you can bend them back if you ever go back to round headlights). They get in the way of the square light assemblies and you don't need them for the square grill as the grill fixes to the square light units. SEE PICTURES BELOW



Next you need to drill holes to take the new headlights. (reference picture below)


Firstly screw the mounting bracket you got from Brickwerks to the headlight unit. They go on the lower inner corners. Now attatch the square headlights to the van using the two existing outer screw holes from the round light setup. Then drill the holes for the mounting bracket and the lower inner fixing point on the other side

Screw the mounting tabs to the body (I used rivets but the brickwerks kit comes with sefl tapping screws). Again watch the paintwork.

Now I am assuming you got the wiring loom pigtails with the headlights?

Leave your existing side light wires alone you can use these

Snip off your existing headlight connectors about 3 inches back from the plastic connector block

Now solder and heat-shrink the wiring looms you got with the square headlights to your existing loom matching up the wire colours on each side. Ignore the side light block on the loom. Tie wrap this up neatly out of the way and maybe tape up the socket to prevent any water getting in.

Fit headlights to body remembering to plug them in first.

Attach the square grill

Stand back and admire your new modern lights

Take van to local MOT tester to get the light beams checked/adjusted