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dash voltage regulator

This electronic component in the printed circuit board in the dash module can cause problems with the gauges if it goes faulty.

Andy Spanners

Can anyone help me? My 1983 DF engined camper needs a new voltage reg. This is a tiny 3 prong electronic component on the back of the dash which should convert dash instrument volts to 10 from whatever is there at the time. VW can supply the part on back order 2 weeks or more £12:( but I understand this is a standard electronic industry part (7810T). My problem is finding a UK electronic part supplier. So far Google has drawn a blank. I know this part should be less than £1 from such a source. The cost is not the issue I dont want to go on my next holls in 2 weeks time with no fuel or temp gauge again. Any helpful info would be greatly appreciated.



Here is a pic (thanks to MidLifeCrisis) of the back of the dash showing the temp gauge terminals, the voltage regulator and the test points.

He says:- "you'll need to pull the cover off the gauge cluster (there are a couple of indentations in the back to get your fingers into then just yank it forward). Now you need a double-jointed neck to look at the rear of the gauges"

VW T25 Gauge terminals 320.jpg


Note that in the pic the 12 volts goes in on terminal "A" which, when the regulator is facing you with it's "legs" towards you, is on the right, and the 10 volts comes out of the leg that will be on your left.

This is the opposite way round to the industry standard 10 Volt regulator where the 12 volts goes into the leg that would be on your left, if the legs are pointing towards you and the regulator has it's numbers uppermost) and the 10 volts comes out of the right hand leg.

So you mount the industry standard one "the other way up" taking into account that the "tab" acts as a heat sink as well as an "earth" so it would be advisable to add some heatsink metal to what will be the face that is now facing upwards (this is really hard to explain in writing !! - but I hope you get what I mean ) Edit = a small nut, used as a spacer to make up the gap caused by fitting a non VW 10V regulator works fine and will conduct the heat away to the heatsink well enough.

EDIT = These regulators now are available for a couple of quid on Ebay - search for 7810 regulator

Here is a pic of the industry standard ones with the pin outs shown


Andyspanners21 After further Google action and a few phone calls I managed to track down and order 3 (due to lack of soldering confidence) industry standard 10v volt regs at 83p each. They are from RS components a UK supplier of such things. They are due to arrive by post next Mon so I will keep you posted.


EDIT 29/10/12 = These regulators now are now regularly available for a couple of quid on Ebay - search for 7810 regulator

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Stick with reversing a LM7810,these are good for up to 1A 
using a metal spacer to transfer      the heat, if you haven't picked one up elsewher