VW Electrics Heater control Illumination

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Does your heater panel illuminate?

Well the bulb may have gone or the bulb holder is knackered. On mine it was the holder.

So here's what to do.

First order a holder from VW for about £1.20

Part No. 321-919-039

Now pull off the heater control levers. Gently pull them forwards until they pop off.

Remove blower switch knob

(This is a good time to replace a faulty fan blower switch, about £5 from GSF)

Using a small flat screwdriver prise off the heater control panel

Remove wires from white cylindrical bulb holder, remove bulb holder

Put new bulb holder in, add bulb and wires, check it works by turning on the headlights.

Now whilst your here you may want to consider adding a buzzer to stop you leaving your headlights on. Details are listed just above the link to this page in the WIKI. Dead easy I did it in 5 mins, just £1.50 for a buzzer from maplin, some crimp connectors and a scothlok connector (easiest way to tap into the positive wire on the bulb holder you have just replaced). Maplin sell all these parts.

Put everything back together and now when it's dark you no longer have to blindly fumble for the heater controls