VW Electrics Dashboard multipin connector pinout

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1. Clock light Grey blue

2. Main beam warning light blue White

3. Earth black


5. Clock red

6. Coolant temperature gauge yellow red

7. Fuel gauge lilac black

8. Positive feed from ignition switch (15) black

9. Rev Counter green

10. Turn signal warning light blue red

11. Alternator charge blue

12. Oil pressure warning (high0.9 1.4) yellow

13. Oil Pressure warning (low 0.3) blue black

14. Glow period warning lamp white red

Pre 1985 Petrol

Added by ghost123uk = This is a great diagram given to us by 80-90 member MidLifeCrisis

VW T25 pre85 dashboard pin outs.jpg

Post 1985 =

Pic can be seen in this little link here = [1]