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Brake Warning Light Stays On

Steve T: Had a problem with the Brake warning light staying on with the handbrake off, indication of a possible failure in the braking system or handbrake switch fault, this happened a while ago and fixed it in the same way. The cause was dirty contacts at the rear of the warning light module on the circuit board. It is possible to clean the contact points in place after removal of the wiring plug, but removal is easy and can clean much better, I had an abbrasive pencil and this did the job cleaning them up a treat solving the problem, the contacts on the plug were OK so it is just the copper contacts getting tarnished and making a poor contact. Much easier to check this first before suspecting brake pressure switch failure or brake circuit fault.

Front view

BrakeWarnLightStayOn 01.jpg

Rear view

BrakeWarnLightStayOn 02.jpg

Rear view with plug removed to expose circuit board. Red arrow indicates tang to remove module, one at the bottom also, squeeze together and remove pulling rearwards, look how clean those contacts are now!

BrakeWarnLightStayOn 03.jpg

Module removed, prior to cleaning

BrakeWarnLightStayOn 04.jpg

Hope this may help if anyone has same problem