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CJ: A friend of mine is starting up camper van rental in sweden, hes got a T4 TDI WESTY ready to go camping in sweden,finland. Fly into Stockholm and its waiting at the airport to start your holiday, go to my website [] then go to links and it's there ,awesome place to go if you havent been

Cumbrian Kieth We went to Sweden last year and had a good time. Driving was easy and relaxed - lots of room and not so many people/vehicles. Towns are busy wherever you go... Campsites were much like here - well signed and good - varied in extra facilities like here - costs were similar. If you use Camping Gaz be warned we paid £33 for a 907 cylinder refill! (more like £15 here) Petrol cost a little less than here. Food was similar to here. Meat was more. Booze is expensive. Ferries to get there are rather dear - we went Newcastle to Gothenburg as we are in the north of England - cost us over £400 - you have to have accomodation and it is about a 30hr crossing.

Their campsite season is shorter than ours - some sites start winding down in late August and we didn't go very far north, where they may be fewer anyway. If you want to wild camp then this is easy as long as you respect the environment and other people. It's a very neat and tidy country/culture and they are very keen on flags - many houses fly a Swedish flag or pennant from a tall flagpole.