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lhd (Member 1808) Qu: Are any special tools needed to remove one of these. I have had constant Gear-box seal probs, so have been advised to change it. many thanks lhd..............................

metalmick8y Ans: Whilst I havent done one on the vw, I have with all other engines made up a drift that is a snug fit in the bearing (plastic insulation tape will make up the diameter) then half fill the hole with grease , insert said drift and give it a good smack with a lump hammer. It usually pops straight out. Mike

toomanytoys Ans: I used the bolt and grease method.. with the thread ground down so it went in nicley.. Its amazing how easy it is to do.. Simon

HarryMann Ans: I got nowhere with this on my 2.1, but it's nice to know it does work for some, and not just an old wives tale... sounds like it should work too, will one day try again - much easier than the fail-safe way below :-)

So, if the above doesn't work for you, then it's 'Oick it out

The spigot bearing can usually be got out by an angled approach with a good drive-thro screwdriver or small but dull chisel, getting between the outer race and the flywheel or crankshaft bore and collapsing it towards the centre. Then when it's sufficiently crushed inwards, levering ('Oicking) it out with strong screwdriver or small jemmy.

Try not to damage the bore too much and clean up any damage before drifting a new one in (proper shouldered drift or socket a shade under outer diameter) - tap, tap, just get it nicely aligned to start with.

As always, there is a correct VW tool, but Laser or Sealey do a gen. purp. one I think. The proper tool would be like a mini- puller that gets behind the back of the bearing*, and pulls it out clean.

Tex Ritter: N.B. The spigot bearing bore in the crankshaft of the CU engine has a shoulder cast into it, allowing replacement bearings to be driven up against it.

Any tool trying to pull the remnants of an old bearing out from behind has to make allowances for this fact.

Diesel spigot bearing removal using slotting and 'oicking out method :)

Spigot bearing removal 01.jpg