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| some bay window engine sounds I'd like to do the same for the T25 here

Hydraulic-lifter OGG sound format see explanation below Hi there.

Dan wood I think it was you that wiki'd my noisy tappet a few weeks back? (Hydraulic-lifter-running-dry above)

Anyway, just to let you know that it wasn't actually the tappet at all. The stud that holds the rockers in place had been stripped so the rockers were coming away from the engine at one end!

Obviously a tappet can only fill up until it's full, and wasn't enough to close the rather big gap that was there.

I'm surprised I managed as many miles as I have though with it in that state - I was still trying to persuade the not-guilty tappet to fill up!

I would suspect that a busted tappet would make a very similar noise though, so you can probably leave the sound file in the wiki.