Steering and suspension power steering

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Simon Baxter If the cap is green on the reservoir, then use hydraulic fluid, if it is red then use ATF. T3's are ATF generally.

Bigherb Yep T3's use ATF Dexron 2 or Dexron 3

Replacing power steering filter

Aidan (there is a doughnut shaped hard filter at the bottom of the power steering fluid reservoir) you can just fish it out of the reservoir but I'd change the fluid if possible, if you remove the rubber joint in the middle of the low pressure pipe under the van it'll drain there, follow the instructions in Bentley for refilling, pretty simple system really just extremely high pressure on the high pressure side 120bar the rubber pipe is a non standard size, I have it in stock, standard 1/2" hydraulic hose leaks cos VW use 12mm of course and that .27mm makes all the difference, eh girls