Steering and Suspension springs

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Spring Removal


15 minute job at the most Just undo and remove shock bolts and press the rear arm down Out pops old spring in pops new one bolt shocky back up job done

Fit shock bolts loosely and finally torque up when weight of vehicle is back on wheels or suspension arm

19mm Shock bolts - 100 ft-lb torque

For standard springs, you will need to use spring compressor's in order to clear the bump stops to enable removal and refitting as the drive shaft limits the swing of the radius arm.

Spring Ratings - Colour Codes

Following info courtesy of Brickyard:


2x Blue - Normal.

2x Brown - Carat, Camper, Ambulance.

2x Green - Strengthened, increased payload.

1x Yellow - 30mm lower.

2x Violet - Syncro.


2x Yellow - Normal and for increased payload or heavy duty shock absorbers

2x Brown - Ambulance.

2x Blue - Passenger carrying vehicles, Kombi.

1x Green - 30mm lower.

2x Green - syncro.

Most vans have ' standard front springs ' blue coded but for some reason they can have 2 sorts of rears either blue or yellow as above. Although many parts have changed over the years there seems to be no specific pattern on the above types being fitted. Next time your under your van have a look to see which you have. Also the rear seems to take more load , even when accelerating the rear dips.

Additional note from Mr Baxter:

Rear spring with blue code are from passenger carrying T3's. Kombi, Caravelle, Multivan, Westy Etc. Type No. - 254, 254, 255 and 256.

Vehicles with Yellow coded rears (often 2 yellow and 2 yellow one white etc) are all commercials, badged as transporters. Pick ups, Crew cabs and panel vans. Type No. - 245, 246, 247, 248, 251 and 252.

I never did get my head around the yellow rears as they are never a single yellow mark, usually 2 yellow marks or yellow/yellow/white, probably a slight difference between Petrol and Diesel or something, dunno.