Steering and Suspension Replacing wheel studs

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DingleyHythe: Replacing rear wheel studs 

Very simple:

1. Wheel and drum off

2. Align each stud so it can come out without hitting anything behind

3. If you want to save the old stud knock out carefully with a drift, otherwise just hit it directly

4. Hit them a bit harder if required

5. Push new stud in from behind, slide a suitable spacer over it (e.g. large nut or even two) and pull into place with a backwards nut

6. If the splines won't start tap from behind and repeat 5

7. Repeat 2 - 6 four more times

8. Refit drum and wheel, tighten each nut at least twice as the nuts will pull the stud splines further in

9. Drive van and re-tighten

Chad: Additional comments...

Use an old steel wheel as a jig (fit it to the drum) - the tapers on the holes will help to keep the studs square..

Make certain by visual inspection that all stud heads are flush with the inside of the drum.

Remove the little bolt that holds the drum to the drive flange if it fouls the back of the wheel*, whether steel or alloy - otherwise they'll not seat/sit flat.

*NB. Unless clearance holes have been made in the back of the rims (alloys), in which case ensure the wheel is put on in the right position.