Petrol engines spark plug types

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Plugs 1.9 and 2.1 WBX

Bowton Lad: In the VW Transporter/Caravelle Instruction Manual dated 7/83 Herr Volkswagen recommends the following spark plugs:-

Bosch W 7 CO

Beru 14 L-7 C

Electrode Gap in mm 0.6 - 0.8

I have always used Bosch plugs in VW engines with no problems. I have never seen Beru plugs on sale anywhere but a mate of mine says they are excellent.

Simon Baxter: Bosch +1's. Gapped to .7mm Or if your running on farts (LPG) then gap to .6mm

NGK, Bosch, Beru are all good plugs.

Avoid Champion/Unipart plugs they are worse than sherpas.

ROB: I think Sherpas do a good job. They carry tons of stuff up everest... :-)

Gally: The NGK number for multi electrode plugs is BP6ET

TooManyToys: I have only used Bosch W7DTC (triple electrode)

Many many miles on LPG and never a problem, many many more miles on liquid gold... never a problem... never seen any that I would not refit in that time either.. some have been in for 30k+ miles as they looked so good.

Plugs - Other

Gally: NGK listings as per catalogue for T25; might be useful to cross ref. for whatever make plugs you want to use

1.6 eng ct065010 79-82 12.7mm reach NGK B6HS

1.6eng ct065011 79-82 19mm reach NGK B6ES

1.9 eng dg df gw sp 87-92 NGK BP6ET

2.0 eng cu cv 79-82 NGK B6ES

2.1 eng mv sr ss 83-86 NGK B6ES

2.1 eng dj 86-92 NGK BP6ET

Plugs - General

SyncroSimon: I have found that it is worth inspecting the area around the plug holes carefully for build up of dirt, before removal is commenced. This is especially important on imports from dusty countries like Finland and Sweden, and syncros, as the fine dust and crud accumulates around the plug. This dirt needs to be removed before taking the plug out to prevent any from entering the cylinder bores. With my syncro, I wash the area with a degreasant, like Jizzer, by working it around with a stiff small brush, and then hose off with a good deal of pressure. Then start the engine to dry out a bit, then remove plug. In my experience if the plug does not come out by hand, after initial spannering, then I will work it in and out a few times with a bit of penetrating oil, to clean the threads, before putting the new plug in. This allows the new plug to be fitted with a smear of copper slip first time, by hand, eliminating the possibility of cross threading. Once done this way, future plug removal is very much easier.

Gally: As for the quality of NGK in the six years I have worked in motorfactors I never had an NGK plug returned.

Lloyd: Have often found plugs other then Bosch won't come out easily, but Bosch will go in easily without doing any extra cleaning of plug hole. I have a thread chasing tool for cleaning threads before putting in new plugs if needed. Works a treat and doesn't enlarge or cross-thread. [These are those thrEad taps with 14mm one end and 18mmm the other I imagine, very handy! - see metric thread sizes for further info General_ISO_Metric_threads (Ed.)]

HT Leads

Gally: The part no for plug leads on water cooled engines is Intermotor XC774, any motorfactor would be able to Cross Ref. to whatever brand they use. Or just ask for leads for a Mk3 Golf