Petrol engines engine removal and refitting

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Laurie: The vehicle needs to be jacked up well and safely!

Not long ago, I was bruised from shoulder to knee because I took a short cut on jacking safety.!!! I thought I was going to die.

Take off the hoses etc. If you want to drain, there are 6mm allen key screws in between 2 push rod tubes on both heads.

The bottom engine nuts (17mm) Then a trick... 2 pieces of 3x2 timber pushed into the outer CV shells they will support the box at exactly the angle for removal and fitting and mean that you don't need to remove the gear linkage. There are all the tins around the engine (guards etc) I always remover the header tanks.

You can then remove the 13mm bolts at the ends of the support bar and lower the engine so the 3x2s take the weight. Then the top bolts.

Best taken out in one piece.

Even if you have to hire one, get a decent trolley jack and some good axle stands.

_________________ Laurie Pettitt-Engines.

Showing hoist for upward removal from engine bay using rear lug.