Petrol engines aircooled engine removal

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Murdoch it isn't that bad to do, just make sure the van goes up high enough to get the engine out from underneath it, bearing in mind the engine will be on a jack too. had to do mine in stages coz i only had one jack, but it wasn't a big deal. might find it helpful to remove the throttle/alternator bracket, it helps with the clearance

geordie skydiver Disconnect the battery.

Take off the carbs/airbox, dipstick tube and accelerator cable mount. The plastic air pipe from the fan.

Disconnect the alternator, fuel line from the tank, at the pump. The starter motor cables. Also the servo vacuum line on the LH side of the engine bay.

Jack the rear of the van up as high as you can, axle stands as a minimum, ramps even better.

Remove the 4 bolts/nuts that connect the engine/gearbox.

Get a trolley jack under the engine, or an engine hoist attached above it.

Undo the 4 nuts/bolts that hold the engine mounting bar onto the chassis.

Slowly lower the engine and draw it out to the rear of the van.

Thats about all I remember, I hope it helps.