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My '82 2.0 aircooled has always had a very slight oil leak on both sides of the engine from somewhere above the heat exchangers,but today the leak on the drivers side has got a whole lot worse and is now producing a lovely plume of smoke around my van.Does anyone know the most likely place the leak is coming from and how easy/expensive it will be to fix?

Bowton lad The usual suspects are firstly: The rocker box cover gaskets, one each side directly above the heat exchangers. Obviously the gaskets need replacing occaisionally, usually when the r/box covers themselves have been off for some reason. It has been known for the covers to need replacement if they become out of shape due to being banged etc. Secondly, the push rod oils seals have a habit of leaking. They did this even when air cooled vehicles were fairly new. I was told that if the leak is small then just live with it but if it gets more serious then get the seals changed. The seals are available from places like JK & GSF. The seals come in two sizes small/large @ 65p/£1.98 & a push rod costs £3.95 each. Rocker box cover gaskets are 95p each.

Rocker cover gaskets, sealing of

A finger full or grease around the cork gasket on both side before fitting will make a good seal, DONT use gasket goo or next time you need to change them you'll have a 2 hr jobs cleaning up to get a seal..

Marston's developed 'Blue Hylomar' in conjunction with Rolls Royce for just such an application, i.e. non-pressured dry gasket joints, it is non-setting and aids sealing between 2 dry faces. Next time the seal is broken the Hylomar is still viscous and can be wiped away easily with a rag.

NOT to be mistaken for other setting sealants which create more problems than they cure in the long run.