Petrol engines Not starting diagnostic flow chart

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Key in ignition? > No: You have lost your keys try starting the van when you have found them, check behind the sofa



Key goes to first position? > No: You have some one else's keys?


Lights on dashboard No: check battery for decent charge (12Volts plus) either recharge or jumpstart Also check battery connections are clean and tight. Possible wiring fault elsewhere, check ignition barrel has plug pushed firmly on


As key goes to first position a 'click' is heard from the rear? > No: Check ignition barrel plug and connections to starter motor are clean and tight. It's common for the signal wire to fall off the solenoid or to corrode badly and make no contact, even though it appears to be tight. Also, check battery as above in 'Lights on dashboard'

Firing order 1 - 4 - 3 - 2

Number one is the front right cylinder, when viewed from the rear.