Petrol engine wiring

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T3 Petrol Engine junction box connections (late models)

P1 - Battery positive (ring terminal) Red 2.5mm from battery +

T1d - Alternator D+ to dash panel alt. warning lamp (Blue)

T1g - Term 15 to crankcase breather heater element and coil term 15 (Black)

T7a/1 - Oil presure switch 0.3bar to dash panel (Blue/Black)

T7a/2 - Coolant temp. gauge sender to dash panel (Yellow/Red)

T7a/3 - Coolant shortage sender to dash panel (Blue/Green) T7a/4 - T7a/5 - Coil term 1 to rev. counter (Green)

T7a/6 - Eng. start (Term 50) from Ig. switch (Black/Red) to ECM and ISV control box

T7a/7 - Oil presure switch 0.9bar to dash panel (Yellow)