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2 litre Aircooled '82 cygnac: After a lot of phoning around I managed to find a rolling road that would fit the van, worked with Dellorto's and was only 45 mins away. RE Performance Centre in Bury, Great old school bloke.

Started with 44bhp at the wheels, after re-jetting from 120 mains to 136, tweaking the accelerator cable so the butterflies opened fully, checking the electrics and tweaking the timing and 2.5 hours later i now have a fantastic 58bhp at the wheels. He reckons thats between 75bhp to 80bhp at the flywheel.

I'm sure somebody will correct this, but all I can say is it is like a different van. We are now going up hills without having to drop down a gear and revving the balls off of it. I can now fully understand why people put Dellorto's on as an upgrade.


SyncroSimon: I had mine done 2 years ago, and was the best 80 quid tune up I have ever had.

2.1 DJ Waterboxer. 79 BP at the wheels, 105 at the flywheel (est)

Dyno 21 SSimon 01.jpg