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Garrett T3 Intake Manifold (JX_Banjo Style)

HM: The T3 Garret (with the correct exhaust 4 bolt manifold flange came on some GTDs I believe)

It has a slighty larger compressor intake port diameter and also is slightly longer, the latter creates a problem with the double-doughnut (banjo style) manifold that steps around the n/s engine mount.

I made up another manifold in steel, to resize the hose diameterss to suit the T3, and also cut away the engine mount, then reinforcing it, which can be seen here Parts - Modifications - Engine Mounts

T3 Intake Manifold (JX Banjo Style) 01.jpg


Intake hose arrangment found on GTD engine in T25

Turbo Intake Hoses CL 01.jpg

But is the hose squashed a round that n/s engine mount?