New/Prospective Owners All engines servicing overview

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California Dreamin

Basic Service extras:

Service kit Petrol: Oil filter/Air Filter/Petrol Filter/Sump Bung Washer/Spark Plugs/Screen Wash/Oil 15W40 Mineral/Wiper Blades

Service Kit Diesel: Oil Filter/Air Filter/Diesel Filter/Sump Bung Washer/Cam Cover Gasket Kit/Tappet Shims/Screen Wash/ Oil 10W40/or 15W40 Turbo Diesel oil/Wiper Blades.

EXTRAS you might need: Transmission oil (manual or Auto) change if it's never been done/ Timing Belt Kit / Brake Pads / Brake Discs / Brake Shoes / Wheel Cylinders / Drive Belts / Bulbs / Tyres / Exhaust / Antifreeze (2 years) / Brake Fluid (2 years) / HT Leads / Rotor Arm & Cap.

And of course parts to repair any faults you may find on the way ie: steering joints/Suspension components/brake pipes/fuel tank/headlamps/lenses/horn/flex pipes/hoses/switches/fuses/Engine Mounts/Battery/Water Pump/ CV Boots / Steering Rack Gaitors etc.

If the van is new to you it may help to carry out the basic service first but write yourself a 'TO DO' list after you have carefully examined

Steering (excessive play or condition of column/UJ/couplings/steering rack mountings/track rod ends/split steering rack gaitors or track rod end seals)

Suspension (wear,leaks or play in upper wishbone bushes/track control arm/radius arm/anti-roll bar including drop links/shock absorbers/wheel bearings/ball joints)

Brakes (excessive wear, leaks or corrosion of: calipers/wheel cylinders/metal and flexible pipes/compensator/master cylinder/disc's/drums/backplates/self adjusting mechanism's/handbrake etc)

Lights (corrosion, cracks, water ingress, aim, pattern, function, correct colour of headlamps/lenses/warning lights)

Tyres & Wheels (Perrishing, bulges, cracks, splits, ovality, uneven or below legal wear, correct load/size, speed ratings, punctures of tyres, corroded or damaged)

Fuel System (Perrishing, leaking, corroded, damaged, worn, operation of: fuel lines/tank/pump/carburettor/injectors/gauges)

Cooling System (correct operation of, leaks, condition, noises, antifreeze content: water pump/hoses/housings/metal pipes/gauges/radiator/radiator fan/heater matrix/header/top up tanks/thermo switch)

Ignition System (condition of, tracking, cracks, errosion, operation of: Plugs/leads/plug caps/distributor cap/rotor arm/coil/distributor/ignition switch)

Engine (condition, excessive noise, smoke, leaks, fuel & oil consumption, performance of)

Gearbox & Clutch (slipping, juddering, noises, excess play, crunching, whining, clonking, leaks, difficult selection, stiff, sloppy)

Drive Line (excessive play, clonking, knocking, whining, perrished, worn: CV joints, boots, driveshaft nuts, differential)

Wipers & Washers (operation, function, noise, speed of)

Interior (function, appearance, cleanliness of: seats, dash, switches, belts, radio, horn, washers, wipers, heater blower, vent controls, cigarette lighter, glove box, interior lights, window winders, door openers, check straps, sun visors)

& finally...Body work.