Misc tips and tricks installing Firefox

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Firefox is just a program that is used to "look" at or browse the internet. Internet explorer comes built in to windows and is generally considered to be inferior software. This may in part due the the anti microsoft feeling out there, but it is less customisable and slower and arguably less secure.

Here is a link to the firefox download page, http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/products/firefox/ click the big green download now button

make a note of where this file is saved on your computer, it will be something like firefox setup2.0.1.1.exe

double left click it when the download is completed

a setup program will run click next

check the box to accept the agreement then next

use the standard installation, click next

the progress bar will now show the installation taking place

I think it asks you if you want to import your links from internet explorer agree to this.

when it is finished you will have an icon for firefox on your desktop and/or in your start menu, it looks like a fox wrapped around the earth.

Use this Firefox icon instead of the blue e for internet explorer when you want to go on the internet.