Misc tips and tricks 80-90 Google Eath

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| http://earth.google.com download Google Earth here. Doownload it, install it and then run it twice to get it working, (first time you'll get an error)

Google Earth is a fantastic free resource. Placemarks and overlays can be exchanged. I have done one here, the KMZ file is just a zipped KML file. A KML can be opened and edited with notepad. I have put a link to the 'source code' if you want to have a play with it or just see how it looks in notepad. Click edit on the linked page to see the data without wiki editing, copy and paste into notepad then save as something like 80-90.KML file, then double click it to open it in GE (after you have downloaded and installed Google Earth of course).

| Google Earth club80-90 meets 2006 KMZ file opens with google earth (easy)

Google Earth club80-90 meets 2006 KML file (advanced)