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Ok, instructions then.

Waze won't offer you a Group to join unless it can see it, as having active members reasonably nearby, for whatever original reason that was. Se need some exploits if you cannot find the master 80-90 group called

Club 80-90

Remember, search using a capital C, Club[space]80[hyphen]90 ~ it matters

Right let's go

Download Waze onto your smartphone

Join/Register Waze with your 80/90 username as your username and nickname (or similar, so we know you when you hove into range :)

Go to icon (bottom left) then 'My Waze' and 'Waze Groups', 'Goto Groups' (maybe hiding at bottom of screen)

If you can't find (search) 'Club 80-90' group itself, look for a local 80-90 or T25 group (hopefully one close to you).

Once you've joined the local one, go down members list and see what other groups the members are in. They should list 'Club 80-90' - join that. You're in.

If you are wayz away from anyone else in our Waze group, then you will probably not be able to find it to join it. In that case:-

1) could try Marlow's exploit of installing a 'fake GPS' app, stealthily moving towards a known bunch of 80-90 Wazers, joining and then retreating... it does work, allegedly!

2) encouraging intermediaries to join, daisy chaining across to you

3) wait for a member to drive by with it switched on (i.e. keep checking)

4) go for a drive to civilisation yourself :)

Once you are joined up, it holds the group for ever, we think!

What you then should see

You should then see yourself, as the standard roving user icon, but with a Swan superimposed on it. Also, if other 80-90 waze users come within range, see exactly where they are and also message them.

This could be very handy for meet ups, pony express etc.

Yes, when we all stop swanning around looking for group members, we might well change the swan icon...


Remember... you need GPS turned on and the app running to be able to help propagate the group. Also it supposedly slowly learns your driving preferences.

Whilst Waze Navigational App has Facebook integration it does not require facebook membership or any use thereof - a godsend for farcebook haters :)

Finally, watch out for others when using Waze, get you navigator/co-pilot to watch their wayz - we don't want any collizions at waze-points @@

Waze user hints and tips

The folded page corner (dog-ear), top right is a quick way back to the maps and nav route, when in a menu page. Just click as accurately as possible on it.