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Some related links to installation of the 1Y 1.9d (NA) engine

Ringo: Here's some past links of mine, regarding installation and issues with the 1Y 1.9d (NA) engine - not all are that good - but will give you some reading all the same.

Links (Current forum)

Linky Current 1 1Y injector pump

Linky Current 2 16d to 1y 19d conversion parts list

Linky Current 3 1Y fuel pump wires

Links (Tech Archive forum)

Linky Archive 1 1Y vs 1.6TD

Linky Archive 2 1Y in and running!!!

Linky Archive 3 1.7d out - 1.9 1Y in - yee haa!

Linky Archive 4 1y in but gearselector issue help please