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Android: Hello, I couldnt find anything with a search so...

is there any way of riging up some way of opening the rear door from the inside?

billy739: In the t25 caravan/trailor I made I have modifyed the latches so there is a pull-cord to unlock from the inside. Outside is still normal key operation

Titus A Duxass: Here are a couple I found on a German website:



There is another photo and text showing the mechanism, it's in German but I can translate if you want.

Android: Thanks, any instructions to go with that

Titus A Duxass:

OK, quick Google translation for the moment..

hese are the instructions google translated (my German to English brain function is not online at the moment):

Part 1 is on the photo sheet, against which one with the "button" (actually the castle) by foreign press when the tailgate opens. Then the nose is pressed (3) against that piece of sheet metal and moves it to the right (of course, only here in the picture). The nose does not press against the middle plate but slightly below the central axis. Therefore you can start above the middle of drilling a hole, without being disturbed. Through this hole, I take a rope (or a wire) inserted and secured by a knot. The rope has the disadvantage that it expands when you open, so you have only 2-3 cm must draw until the lock opens. But it is much more pleasant to touch a wire. It would of course be a combination. Handle: rope and into the fold: wire.

So now to Part 2: This is a role that is under furniture you can unscrew. This role I have with 2 screws through the sheet metal screws, so that the rope will be redirected to the top. The original role was quite smooth, so that the rope but not between the actual role and their support is pinched, because it slips to the side, I worked with a Holzraspel around a notch in the role of "carved". Now the top rope then led (4) and must only be an appropriate place from the tailgate to be led out

Android: Dit it, easy peasy really...should have took the panel off and had a look before posting!

Anyone else who wants to do this all I did was remove the woody carpeted panel, drill a 6mm hole in line with the opening mech, connected a zip tie to the latchy movey bit, threaded through the whole and hey presto an inner rear flap opener. I also attached a key ring to the end of the zip tie so when I open the door I can hook it around the sticky outy bit on the door frame and then the door will only open enough to let a bit of air in - perfect!

R0B: I have central locking on my velle. I wonder how easy it would be to do this on mine?

When I removed the panel to have a look, the push in button to open from the outside pushes onto a swivelly bar which activated the opening mech. It doesnt matter if the door is locked or open because all the lock does is move a pin on the lock mech away from the swivelly bar(when in door-lock mode), so the door cannot be opened. All I did was by pass the lock mech and attach to the swivelly thing so It should'nt matter if you have central locking as the lock is separate to the swivelly bit.

Titus A Duxass: Crap translation unfortunately, I didn't have the time to translate, it looks like a translation is no longer necessary.


Tailgate latch 01.jpg

Tailgate latch 02.jpg

Tailgate latch 03.jpg