Interior non camping Caravelle seat arms

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Tony tech

Q: how do you remove the arms?

A: There is a roll pin in the bar between the seat and the arm. It is a bit of a bugger to get to, mine is at about 45 degrees. Back to front: Low to High


toolsntat: Got an arm thats off here and want to fit it. Do you have to put it all the way on and then insert the roll pin ?

Any cut away pics anywhere??

R0B: This might help you Andy..Weide family/vanagon Click on interior then armrest repair

toolsntat: Mmmm looks like the blob of repair weld needs grinding then to make the socket piece swivel inside the arm

Right I need to take the trim off the arm to sort this out. There are 2 screws to remove the plastic shroud but 1 is under the adjusting knob. Does the knob come off the shaft at all?

jwhitestar: Yes it just pops out. Plastic is quite brittle so be careful! Maybe get the hair drier on it beforehand then

toolsntat: Following on from this I have now stripped back the armrest and here are the pictures of the process...

The offending article removed

ARMREP 01.jpg

Fill the knob with HOT water

ARMREP 02.jpg

Pull off (its tight)

ARMREP 03.jpg

Undo 2 screws and remove plastic

ARMREP 04.jpg

Take out staples

ARMREP 05.jpg

Ease back the cover and slide off (not that easy)

ARMREP 06.jpg

ARMREP 07.jpg

ARMREP 08.jpg

ARMREP 09.jpg