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Post it here good or bad...


Blurb55: Hi Try Bob at Glynwoods in Redditch, good bloke and a VW fan.

From ghost123uk:

As per above, my beakdown insurance is via Glynwood insurance, of Redditch

So far I have found Glynwood very helpful and competitively priced. They offer an "agreed value" scheme that seems to rely on supplying 6 or so photos of your camper and engine etc and your own written submission as to the equipments fitted and vehicle condition. Never had to use them yet so cannot comment on how well they deal with a claim.

Amulet: Just wanted to say thanks for those of you who suggested Glynwoods for insurance. Just got my van policy set up inside of twenty minutes at a world beating price. Syncro, LHD, Camper, Agreed value, Chasis number policy - i.e. all the things that other companies have heart failure about. It's not often, in this cynical age that I am really impressed with a company, but these guys are SERIOUSLY good!!

CIS (Co-Op Ins Services

Russel at Syncro-Nutz: Be wary of CIS. They are not very good when it comes to paying out.

Hacksawbob CIS do not allow any modifications to factory spec this includes lpg, things like alloys and maybe even the radio unit? they may use to wriggle out of a claim.

HarryMann: Have not found that at all Bob for CIS. In fact, they were the only company that didn't kickup a fuss about my alloys, and want £££s. All CIS ask is that you let them know any differences, non-standard items, and they didn't load the policy. Alloys are noted as a fitment. Also when upgrading to a 1.9 engine from 1.6, they wanted a (motor) engineer's report that it had been done properly. They then were happy and it's a 1.9 now, for DVLC and Insurance purposes. Cannot respond to Russel, other than that I had a knock and they sorted it (protected policy) without any more ado! Very good foreign recovery insurance too, much cheaper than AA additional (think about £50. In short, so far, very happy with CIS premiums and service - juts be straight with them they check with the underwriter and come back within 5 minutes, in may case, OK, he's happy, no extra premium (or a small surcharge) - it's cheap anyway

HarryMann: Correction Now, CIS have changed their underwriting policies and rules, so Bob's take on it is correct. In fact, they now won't even insure a Doka unless it has 3 seats in the front and non in the back (or some such nonsense). They continue to insure mine all under the original agreements, until I cancel or unless I let the policy lapse. Then I will have to go by their new rules.

Adrian Flux

theboycalledleaf: Has anyone else suffered at the hands of Adrian Flux?

We've found them to be very poor in terms of customer service. We insured our Westy through them with an agreed value policy. About a week later, my wife's Polo (insured with another company) was scratched in her work car park. Having never made a claim and having protected no claims she decided to have her Polo repaired on her insurance. Adrian Flux (not our Polo insurer) called us to say that as she was claiming on another policy she was a risk and they were going to increase our policy cost for the westy by £290!! That's effectively doubling the original cost. She was not at fault for the damage to her Polo, the Polo's insurers agreed she was not at fault and even offered to send a letter to that end to Adrian Flux so they would remove the increase. They even stated that the claim would be logged as not at fault as opposed to fault.

Adrian Flux disagreed and still took the money from our account. They have been poor in following up calls, letters and faxes. They have been unrepentant in their attitude even though another insurer has told them they are wrong to increase our premium. We are still battling with them as we speak to get our money back. It has ended up with my wife canceling the work on her Polo just to stop Adrian Flux taking our money. It therefore means that any claim she ever makes in the next 12 months whether at fault or not will end up in us being penalised (i.e. if someone runs into the back of her Adrian Fluz penalises us, if someone steals her car, Adrian Flux penalises us etc)

The moral of this is to:

a) find out what your bus insurer loads on...points, claims etc

b) don't assume your insurer doesn't check your background on other vehicles....they do and even though we've done nothing wrong we are still being penalised

c) don't assume the cheapest quote is the best or that "specialist" insurers are not going to rip you off.

We will never insure with Adrian Flux again

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