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Power ratings

Question by colouredFunk: 
I've seen a WOLF AIR 24Ltr 2HP Compressor (£60)-
2HP Motor
Air Displacement 7.3 cfm
Mx. working pressure 116psi 8bar
24Ltr Air Receiver
Fitted Air Outlet Pressure Regulator 
Can anyone tell me if this is suitable for what I need?


Dont be fooled by the 2HP bit, which is what a lot of compressors are at. The important points are 24ltr - you'd be better of with 50ltr. 7.3 cfm - thats okay (just) for running an air spray gun, but will be no good whatsoever for sanding tools etc. Again, dont be fooled by what the compressor and/or the tools claim. The random orbital sander I have, for instance, claims to work at 2HP and 8cfm, but it runs for about 30 seconds then stops while the compressor catches up, despite the fact my compressor is more powerful than 2 and 8.

If you're doing relatively small sections (rust repair etc) then that compressor will be (just about) okay. If you plan on doing larger areas or whole panels, then I'd spend quite a lot more or try and get one secondhand.

I speak as an experienced idiot who is still utterly rubbish at spraying etc, but Ive made enough mistakes that I feel qualified to pass on my knowledge so others dont need to make the same ones!

Disco Dave

think long and hard about this one!! i have had these little types and they are crap in comparrison, get the most powerful you can afford with the largest reciever, you can afford. (easily said) if you are doing alot of work you may want to add air tools and you'll be needing more power for those! you might be best off lookin on ebay, for something old and ugly, industrial type thing, cheap and most likely just as good!! most have a pressure switch, cuts out at 10 bar, in again at about 7ish! so the more air you use the longer it will run!