General Torque Wrench

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General Torque Wrench information

There are an number of bolts that it is very important to do up just right! too loose they will fall off and probably kill you, too tight and stuff will break :)

Good Quality

£52 Amazon [1]

Teng tools 40-210 NM lifetime warranty [2] Good build quality, easily adjustable (if a little stiff) on a good easily readable scale.

Big Herb Norbar are one of the best also sold as Halfords professional. Used mine for over 40 years and they are still accurate, bonus they are made in England. Britool classic are very good also.

Poor Quality

Clarke 1/2 inch from Machine Mart. [3] This is worse than bad. I bought this to do the right thing with my bolts and ended up shearing the heads off some as it was over torquing. Also made the wheel nuts impossible to get off. The scale is hard to read and doesn't go in useful steps 94 98 112 etc! . The ratchet broke off within 6 months of buying it so I reversed the ratchet for the left hand thread to fix it. Steer clear of this one, you will create more headaches than you solve.